ASG’s PET washing line is the ideal solution for processing dirty PET bottle bales into “hot washed” PET flakes. Using our standard series of high-tech recycling machinery, the PET flakes produced are not only clean, but contaminant-free making them perfect for use in producing polyester staple fiber or further processing into plastic granules via pelletizing.

Our PET washing line, available with capacities between 500 kg/hr – 3,000 kg/hr, is a highly efficient, fully automatic washing line that is electronically controlled via a central computerized control panel and cabinet.

PET Recycling Line Machinery List

debaler-home Debaler Machine
The first stage in our standard PET washing line, the debaler machine takes in large PET bottles bales, compacted bundles tied together, breaking them apart where plastic bottles are dropped into a belt conveyor where it moves onto the next piece of equipment.

Detailed specifications of the debaler machine.

trommel-home Trommel
The trommel is a slow rotating tunnel lined with tiny holes to remove small contaminants such as broken glass, paper / cardboard, metals, rocks, and more. Flips mounted within the tunnel in an spiral arrange moves the plastic bottles forward.

Detailed specifications of the trommel.

granulator-home Granulator
Using a wet granulator, whole PET bottles are cut into PET flakes between 12-18mm in size. Water is added to partially clean the PET flakes as well as reduce heat and friction buildup within the cutting chamber.

Detailed specifications of the granulator.

label-separator-home Label Separator
As in its name, the label separator removes PP/PE/PVC plastic labels from the stream of PET flakes via the use of air pressure.

Detailed specifications of the label separator.

sink-float-separation-home Sink / Float Separation Tank
A way to separate materials that float from those that sink, the sink/float separation tank is ideal for PET recycling as PET flakes sink while plastic film, PP/PE bottle caps, and other contaminants float.

Detailed specifications of the sink/float separation tank.

hot-washer-home Hot PET Flakes Washer
The heart of the PET washing line, our patented design hot washer is much more efficient and unlike any other hot PET flakes washer in the market today.

Detailed specifications of the hot PET flakes washer.

friction-washer-home Friction Washer
The friction washer (cold water) uses high speeds to create friction between the PET flakes where debris is effectively scrubbed off.

Detailed specifications of the friction washer.

dewatering-home Dewatering Machine
The first step in the drying process, the dewatering machine uses centrifugal force to spin water moisture off the PET flakes while keeping the flakes contained within a mesh screen tunnel.

Detailed specifications of the dewatering machine.

thermal-drying-home Thermal Drying Machine
After the dewatering process, the thermal drying machine further reduce moisture levels to less than 1%. After thermal drying, the PET flakes are now ready to be stored in our product silos.

Detailed specifications of the thermal drying machine.


PET Washing Line Diagram

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PET Flakes Specifications

Through our hot washing process, whole PET bottles are turned into PET flakes with the following attributes:

  1. Moisture: < 1%
  2. Bulk density: < 0.3G/CM3
  3. Total impurity: < 100ppm
    • PVC content: < 40ppm
    • Metal content: < 10ppm
    • PE/PP content: < 50ppm
  4. Particle size: < 12-16mm

*Feel free to contact us if you have additional requirements.

Installation & Warranty

ASG-logoOur PET washing lines comes with an additional installation package where our engineers (one electrical and one mechanical) can travel to your facility and install the washing line for you. We also offer routine maintenance programs as well as operations consultants that can ensure your PET recycling plant runs smoothly year and year.

All equipment from ASG Recycling Machinery comes with detailed operation instructions as well as an installation guide. A list of required replacement parts will also be provided at the time of purchase. All machinery and parts are warranted against manufacturer defects and come with a 1 year limited warranty.

Lead Times & Ordering

The lead time for standard equipment is 30 days from the official signing of purchase contract. For complete PET recycling lines and custom projects, the lead time is generally between 60 – 90 days based on the complexity of the project as well as the amount of machinery we have in queue at the time of your purchase.

Contact us to discuss pricing and ordering details. Here is a brief summary of our ordering procedures.