Dewatering Machine


Product Description

The first piece of machinery in our standard PET washing line’s drying process, the dewatering machine is capable of removing a majority of water content from the PET flakes exiting the friction washer. To accomplish this, centrifugal force is used to spin water outwards while the PET flakes are contained within.

As the slurry PET flakes are fed into the vertical feeder, a spinning shaft with paddles mounted spins at nearly 1,000 rotations per minute continuously throws the PET flakes outwards against a mesh screen tunnel. Water passes through the mesh screen while the PET flakes are contained within. The PET flakes, now partially dried with moisture content between 20-30%, moves onto the thermal dryers.

Dewatering Machine Specifications

Model #: Motor Power: Main Shaft Diameter: Rotating Speed: Capacity:
HXJ400 37KW 400mm 1400 RPM 400 – 800 KG/H
HXJ550 45KW 550mm 1200 RPM 600 – 1000 KG/H
HXJ750 55KW 750mm 1080 RPM 1200 – 2000 KG/H


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The lead time for standard equipment is 30 days. For custom orders or complete washing lines, the lead time is between 60 – 90 days. The actual lead time will depend on the complexity of the project as well as the amount of machinery we have in queue at the time of your order.

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