Sink Float Separation Tank


Product Description

In our PET washing line, the sink/float separation tank is essential in removing PP/PE bottle caps from PET flakes. Placed after the label separator, ASG’s sink/float separation tank uses water to separate materials that sink from those that float; in the case for PET recycling, PET flakes will sink to the bottom while PP/PE bottle caps will float to the top.

Stainless steel drums rotate at the top of the separation tank moving the materials that float (the contamination) forward into a storage silo. Screw conveyors at the bottom of the separation tank transmit the PET flakes onto the next piece of machinery, the friction washer.

To ensure the durability of ASG’s sink/float separation tank, the tank’s interior wall, rotating drums, and part that come into contact with water are made of type 304 stainless steel that is strongly resistant to both oxidation (rust) and corrosion.

Sink/Float Separation Tank Specifications

Interior Width: 1500mm – 2000mm
Total Length: 4 – 6 meters
Interior Material: Type 304 Stainless Steel
Exterior Frame: Carbon Steel
Screw Conveyor Motors: 5.5KW + 3.7KW
Rotating Drum Motors: .37KW + 2.2KW


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