Thermal Drying Machine


Product Description

ASG’s thermal drying machine is the final machinery in our PET washing line’s drying process capable of reducing moisture levels to roughly below 3%.

Thermal dryers use hot air to dehydrate water from the PET flakes. From the dewatering machine, PET flakes are vacuumed out via a transport blower where wet PET flakes are mixed with hot air traveling through a long series of stainless steel tubes. Ending with a cyclone separator where cool air is mixed in, residual moisture is further reduced cooling the PET flakes for storage.

Thermal Dryer Specifications

Model # Blower Power Heating Power Pipe Diameter Pipe Material
RSJ800 5.5 KW 36 KW ⌀159mm Type 304 Stainless Steel


Place an Order

The lead time for standard equipment is 30 days. For custom orders or complete washing lines, the lead time is between 60 – 90 days. The actual lead time will depend on the complexity of the project as well as the amount of machinery we have in queue at the time of your order.

Contact us to discuss pricing and ordering details. Here is a brief summary of our ordering procedures.

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